2007 Run Stats

Month Fire EMS
January 15 64
February 14 54
March 13 49
April 11 61
May 17 60
June 28 74
July 21 0
August 0 0
September 0 0
October 0 0
November 0 0
December 9 43


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The Hartly Volunteer Fire Company is comprised of one fire station (Station 51), located in Kent County, Delaware on the Delmarva Peninsula.  It is one of nineteen fire companies in the county. Our Fire & Rescue Services are provided by our Volunteer members 100% of the time. Our Ambulances are staffed by a single provider that works best indicators for binary options Monday - Friday 8am-5pm. The career staff are supported by our volunteer medical providers, who ran over 700 calls for service in 2005.  The HVFC is dedicated to serving the citizens of Kent County and surrounding areas.


Storm hits Hartly with another 5

July 29, 2007: On July 29th another storm came through Hartly and set off another adventure for Station 51. The first alarm was at 1625 for an automatic fire alarm at the Christian Fellowship Church on Myers Dr. Crews from TS 51-7 made entry through the rear and checked the first floor under command of 51-19. Upon T-51's arrival, command sent its crew to the second floor. Both floors were clear and a respondent came out to reset the alarm. Command placed situation under control and returned all units.
While retuning Kent Center advised of Second Emergency and alerted Station 51 for a house fire in the area of 794 Hartly Rd. TS 51-7 arrived and 51-19 assumed command. The owner from 794 called in a claimed lightening had struck at a neighbors house to the east. Command had crews from 51-7 T-51 E51-3 and R51-6 investigate the next three houses . While crews were investigating Kent Center informed command that Hartly was due on a trailer fire with Marydel. Command advised Kent Center that R51-6 and E51-3 would be making a response. After investigating the three residences to the east of RP's address, command placed the situation under control and returned the remaining units.  E51-3 and R51-6 made a response to a trailer fire with Station 56 due to a lightning strike. 56 units went on scene and investigated. Command placed the situation under control and 51 units were returned while en route. While back at the station, 51 received a service call for a fire nature unknown. B51-9 went and investigated finding a few hay bails on fire. Crews extinguished the fire and returned.

Smoke in the Residence

July 19, 2007: Station 51 was dispatched with assistance from station 43, for a house fire on Judith Rd. Upon arrival of E51-3 51-15 assumed command and crews investigated and found smoke conditions on the first floor. A hand line was pulled while 51-20 took a crew inside to investigate further. The thermal imaging camera picked up high heat readings in the living room area coming from the couch. While crew from 51-3 was extinguishing the couch fire, 43-18 took his crew from E 43-3 up to the second floor to ventilate the rest of the residence. Crews from 51-6 and T-51 assisted with setting up Positive Pressure Ventilation as well as removing the couch from the structure. The Scene was placed under control after finding no extension, and once the smoke cleared from the house all units cleared.


Storm Stomps Marydel/Hartly

July 10, 2007: On July 10th the western parts of Kent County were visited by a thunderstorm that had Marydel and Hartly Fire Co's running from incident to incident for about 2 hours. The midday thunderstorm started Hartly's 7 alarm fiasco with an assist in Marydel's district for a brush fire. Lightning was said to have caused the fire, but while crews were responding the rain started coming. Caroline advised 56-0 of a second call reporting the rain had extinguished the fire. 56-0 returned Hartly's units.
While returning from the Templeville area B51-9 noticed remains of a field fire in another location. 51-21 advised Kent Center and investigated, staging E51-5 on the roadway. Upon investigation, the farmer had advised 51-21 that lightening had struck in the field causing approx. 50ft x 50ft of hay to catch fire. Once again the rain extinguished the fire. Still trying to return to the station T-51 pull up on a tree that had fallen over into the roadway on Slaughter Station Rd. 51-18 called for 51-9 to respond to cut and remove the tree from the roadway.  While crews from B51-9 and T-51 worked on removing the tree, E51-5 returned to quarters and just as the engine was shut off, Station 51 was alerted for an assist again with Marydel for and automatic fire alarm at UL Harman's. 51-7 responded and upon arrival the crews checked the lumber buildings for any evidence of fire. While TS51-7 was investigating Kent Center advised B51-9 and T-51 they were needed to assist Station 56 with yet another field fire. Both crews responded and B51-9 worked the perimeter extinguishing all hot spots and remaining fire.
While TS 51-7 was returning from UL Harman's, Hartly was dispatched for an automatic fire alarm at the Christian Fellowship Church on Myers Dr. TS 51-7 along with E51-3 responded with crews from Station 43 to investigate. Upon arrival 51-18 established 51 command while the crew from 51-7 investigated the first floor of the church. Crew from 51-3 went to the second floor. Both floors were clear, command placed situation under control and returned units. All 51 units finally made it back to the station approx 2 hours later. The storm cleared from our area as well as the fire house until Station 45 had a working house fire and requested a cover-up from Hartly. E51-5 made a response to Station 45 until released by 45 command to end out the evening.


Barn Fire In Camden

April 23, 2007: Station 51 was dispatched to assist Camden Wyoming Fire Co. (41) with a working barn fire. TS 51-7 was used for master stream aerial operations.  The crews from 51-7 as well as T-51 pulled 2 1 3/4" handlines and assisted with fire attack and exposure protection; 51-18 contacted station 51 and had additional crews respond in utility 51-8 to assist with the overhaul of the two barns. With the master streams from TS 51-7 and all the manpower on scene, crews were able to extinguish the blaze that was headed for disaster and other homes.

51 Units On Scene: TS 51-7, T-51
Hose Used: 650' 1 3/4 " and 200 ft 4"



Domestic Fire For Hartly

April 06, 2007: Station 51 along with Clayton (45) was dispatched for a house fire and switched to utilize TAC 4. While en route Kent Center advised that DSP was on scene reporting a working alarm and that the fire was domestic related with a possible one subject inside. Before arrival Kent Center advised that the subject was out of the house and in police custody. Quint 45 and 51-7 arrived about the same time to find a two vehicle garage, with a pickup inside fully involved attached to a two and half story house. 51-17 assumed 51 command and sent a hand line from Quint 45 up to the window of the garage to perform an exterior attack while a hand line crew from 51-7 went inside the house to find the garage access and push all the fire away from the house. A third hand line went in the house up to the second floor to check for fire extension into the house and attic. Crews put a stop on the fire and there was no extension into the house. Command started releasing units as others stayed on scene to finish with the overhaul.

Units on Scene : 51-7, T-51, E51-3, R51-6, Amb. C-51, Quint 45, R45, 45-3



Vehicle Fire On Hopewell Road

March 22, 2007: Station 51 was dispatched for a vehicle fire on Hopewell Dr. Upon arrival, found a 1987 Chevy Mock Cp, with light fire conditions. Command was established by 51-19. The RP told command that they had attempted to put out the fire by putting a cooler of water on the fire. Crew from 51-3 used a dry-chemical extinguisher, and pulled booster line to put out the fire. Scene was placed under control and all units returned.

Units on Scene: E51-3, T-51, R51-6, 51-30, 51-32, A C-51


House Fire In Goldsboro

January 21, 2007: Station 51 was requested to assist Goldsboro MD with a working house fire. Upon arrival crews from 51 assisted with an interior attack. The fire Hartly crew tried to attack the fire from an extension ladder to attic, while other Hartly teams went inside to the second story to fight the furious beast. Hartly crews assisted with tearing out the walls to find extension and trying to make another passage way to the attic. The safety officer declared the building unsafe once and the all crews evacuated the building and went for rehab. By the time Hartly crews made it back firefighters were ready to go back in continued with suppression. Crews made access to the attic by tearing out the ceiling in a bedroom on the C side of the structure as well as the entrance off of the A side. Firefighters found that the fire was still hiding in the walls and continued efforts to extinguish it while still trying to control the attic. Crews and the safety officers noticed the AD corner of the house separating and the foundation cracking so the building was declared unsafe for a second and final time. All firefighters exited the structure and 51-7 was moved in place for the used of an elevated master stream on the B side of the structure.



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